The Importance of Speed in Business

Focus on Micro Patience > Micro Speed

We live in a world where life moves fast, and people want to get things done immediately. People go through their day-to-day work, only focusing on getting through the present, instead of thinking about future goals. While Gary Vaynerchuk does emphasize the importance of having speed in business, he also makes it clear that patience is necessary. He mentions that no matter how fast you work, it takes time to get to your destination. Vaynerchuk applies macro patience and micro speed to reach your long-term goals. This means that speed is and planning out your days efficiently is necessary in the day-to-day, but in the macro, you need to have patience. When you have macro patience, you are working towards your long-term goal, while putting in the work within your everyday tasks. Using the macro patience and micro speed approach allows you to shift your focus towards understanding the goal is long-term and working hard in the micro will help you get there.

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Welcome to The Digital Age: The Technology Trends Changing Recruitment

As the world moves towards a digital economy, the recruitment process is changing because of the accessibility of data and other digital ways to reach new pools of talent. We are no longer in the “Analogue Age”, a time where recruiters only had access to telephones, fax machines, and print media. Instead, we are entering into the “Digital Age”, where people are increasingly changing the way they manage their careers and look for work. In order to be successful in this digital age, recruiters need to adapt to this changing world and continue to use interpersonal communication and networking. They also need to become aware of the new technology tools and keep up with the new recruitment technologies, in order to source the best talent.

                In this new age of technology, the use of data allows businesses to have a clearer picture of the type of talent they are working with. The power of artificial intelligence is impacting the recruitment industry, as it enables recruiters to analyze and have access to huge amounts of real-time data. Using social platforms can also allow recruiters to connect with both passive and active candidates. Technology allows recruiters to collect more accurate data in regards to what people do in a specific role and the skills they need to succeed, which helps make the recruiting process more efficient.  In order to be successful in this digital age, recruiters should be open to incorporating a new set of technologies, as the digital age is only continuing to grow.

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Six simple ways to manage and overcome stress

Take a Minute

Balance what you can


Hard work

Stay positive

Seek advice

Whenever you are feeling stressed it is crucial to take a mental and emotional “time out.” It is important to take a minute to remind yourself that all things will come to a resolution eventually, instead of trying to rush into a solution, which made add to your stress. Another way to manage stress is by balancing your body both physically and chemically. This means eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, exercising, and limiting your caffeine can help manage stress. It is important to remember to force yourself to take calm, slow, and deeper breaths in order to think rationally and critically. If it is hard to change your breathing, you should slowly count to ten, which should allow you to focus on the numbers instead of whatever is making you stressed in order to calm you down. Working hard, setting goals, and staying active can help keep you focused on solutions instead of problems. It is crucial to stay positive and stay open to decisions. Seeking outside advice and support from people can help reduce stress.

People experience stress every single day, especially when it comes to their job. With the help of a recruiter, looking for new opportunities can become a lot less stressful. Recruiters have knowledge of the market and experience with the job search process and using their services can take away some of the stress that you may be going through in your daily life.

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LinkedIn debuts "Your Commute" to evaluate jobs based on how far they are from you

LinkedIn has recently launched a new feature called “Your Commute” that is available to users on mobile devices and will soon be accessible on desktop devices. This feature provides location data for businesses and will allow members to save location preferences, enabling the user to see specific job recommendations, based on the specific preferences of the user. When searching for a job, the user is now easily able to see the exact commute time, which is beneficial as commute time is a major factor in the decision-making process of searching for a job. As technology is continuing to grow, LinkedIn is continuing to adapt to this change by using data analytics to update and add features to the platform to make it more useful for users.

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4 Key Performance Benchmarks for Staffing Firms

According to the 2018 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, the most important ways to measure the staffing firm’s performance are by evaluating customer satisfaction, the fill rate, submission-to-hire ratio, and the interview-to-hire ratio. Customer satisfaction is essential because staffing firms rely on repeat business. About 80 percent of firms predicted that more than half of their 2018 revenues will be from existing accounts, which is why customer satisfaction is so important. The fill rate is also vital for staffing professionals, as it is a way to understand the firm’s efficiency. Analyzing the fill rate will help the firm determine what is working or if changes need to take place in order to result in new hires. The submission-to-hire ratio is useful to determine the firm’s productivity, as in incorporates elements of quality and quantity. On average, North American staffing firms submit about three to four candidates for every hire. Finally, the interview-to-hire ratio allows the firm to determine the amount of candidate interviews it takes in order to make a placement. For firms to have success, they should evaluate their performance using these four benchmarks. Firms like Dynamics Associates should incorporate these benchmarks when evaluating performance in order to see what is currently successful and emphasize areas that need improvement.

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Here are six reasons as to why you should work with an external recruiter


  1. Over thirty years in the industry has allowed our distinguished team to become market experts within financial services.

  2. Our coverage has expanded across all areas of finance.

  3. Our recruitment method includes maintaining long term relationships with all of our candidates.

  4. We provide our candidates with insight on the culture and benefits of all of the clients we represent.

  5. We identify candidates with specific skill sets to cater to the unique needs of client.

  6. We target individuals to meet the budgets of our clients.

Dynamics has been able to articulate client differences that may not have been easily obtained with general market information
— VP, Foreign Investment Bank (Audit Search)